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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Q1 gets vertical with Vista

While I'm stuck trying to get back AVS Now, Kevin at JKonTheRun is having a big progress with Vista in his Q1! Now he got back the screen rotation.

Guys, I need somebody with AVS Now Restore DVD version BA46-04965A12. I need an image of that DVD uploaded in somewhere where I can download it. That DVD does not hold the Operating System or anything. As far as we have been able to go deeper into this problem it seems that I have an older version of this DVD and my AVS Now partition is too small. Kevin from JKonTheRun has been able to get back his AVS Now restoring the DVD but he is using the latest version of it and that one created in his Q1 a bigger partition (around 3 GB while mine is around 1.6 GB).

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