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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Get use to this...

Via window Moviemaker

Screen shot from Vista running in an eo v7110


  1. That's odd. Maybe the driver does not include MPEG-4 filter? Or should Vista just disable installing it on eo 7110?

    Either way, I think if Q1b has the same problem as eo, no other company will use VIA's chip.

  2. This is totally the fault of Microsoft. There is no good reason why DVD and Movie Maker can't run on non WDDM drivers. Movie Maker ran fine in XP and the Vista one isn't much different.

    Extremely frustrating because some of my old tablets (not even old, one is a LE1600) is now "crippled" by not being able to run some very basic Windows components.

    I mean hell... if Chess can run, why not Movie Maker? :)

  3. This is not a via issue.
    7210 umpc with intel 128 mb graphics chip gives the same nag..

  4. I think this is the same problem as with the video playback (low frame rate). It seems like the XP drivers in Vista cannot use acceleration or overlay surfaces, althouth I didn't tested that of overlay yet, just to be sure.


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