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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Comvu, streaming video from your phone

This weekend I rented the Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. And you can guess... I ended impressed... but not with cars! What impressed me most was how Japaneses were streaming video using their cell phones. So right from my Sofa and thanks to my eo I did a little research about this topic to find that anybody can do that right now and for free using Comvu!


Well actually this service is free now because it still in beta stage. But I can tell you guys that it works. The video quality from my Cingular 2125 is not that good but even with this phone I got video of about 5 to 10 fps.


  1. Thanks -after reading your tip, I contacted the folks at Comvu and was provided a beta acount for their UMPC Pocketcastr software (their focus seems to be on mobile phone webcasting).

    Man, is their service ever simple to use!

    I just plugged my webcam into my Samsung Q1 and was live streaming in about 15 seconds. What an awesome system! - Totally recomend this one y'all.


  2. I've just signed up for this too. Looks like a nice solution for my Ultra-Mobile blogging kit.



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