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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spam, Spam and more spam

Two weeks ago I started to get a huge amount of spam from my Support and Registration forms at my site www.tweaks2k2.com , I was getting those spams since long time ago but I did not play attention to them because the amount was not that big. But it reached a point where I just could hold it any more so I contacted the company that I use to maintain my site and they found that my php forms were being used by spammers to send massive campaign of emails. The details of how this can be done that can be found here, it's called Email Injection.

spamThis is a screen shot of a log created with all the attempt of sending spam using my two php forms. Initially we thought that putting one of those confirmation pictures that you see in this same blog comment section or in other pages was going to be enough to stop them but we were wrong. We had to implement few patches to our php mail function and a few filters to each field in those forms to finally kick them in the a...

Another interesting fact is that using the IP address from this log, I contacted the ISP of these guys and reported this abuse and so far I have not heard from any of these providers, like BellSouth, Concast, Earthlink, etc, etc... Those same companies making huge TV campaigns about their efforts to fight Spam with tools installed in their users machines. But the reality is that they do nothing to stop spammers.

The reason why I'm sharing this is because probably some of you have the same situation with your site being used by spammers and you don't know about it.

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