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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Q1 enters C3 State and stay on it

The Q1 works most of the time in C3 State. This CPU Power State gives an extra 10% of Battery Life that and having a Battery that is 10% bigger explains why the Q1 has a better battery life than the eo v7110.

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Now, Samsung has released a UMPC using a VIA Processor and I wonder if that unit is also entering in C3 State. If it does, when eo v7110 will get a fix for this issue? are Amtek and VIA working in this issue or current eo v7110 owners are not that important any more? 10% of Battery life is 10% and I also think that the CPU probably will work a little bit cooler.


  1. Frank, how do you test for C3 state? Let me know & i'll gladly check that too.

  2. Start; Run. PerfMon Then Remove everything and add C3 state.

    Please. run the Benchmarks I asked at Origami Project.


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