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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Antivirus for Vista

I installed Yesterday Vista in my eo v7110 and I decided before start posting about my impressions and tips for the installation to post about this important topic: To have an AntiVirus installed.

If I gonna test Vista in my eo I'll do it for real so as an IT guy the first thing I started to look for was an AV. Some guys recommended me a few free programs available and I tested two of them: Avira and Avast. In XP I use Norton Antivirus but I have read reports that this one and McAfee do not work in Vista so I did not waste time in those two programs.

The bad news is that Avira does not work in vista.


The Good news is that Avast does it.


To be sure that it's working I went to Eicar.org and downloaded a zip test file and this is the result:


Windows Defender found the virus! Windows Defender comes with Vista Installed.

Avast wnknig3

The above picture shows Avast in action.

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