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Monday, October 09, 2006

R2H partially naked

One of the OrigamiPortal users has posted a picture of his Asus R2H opened. He opened to see how the HDD can be upgraded for a bigger one.

The harddisk is connected via a flatcable that runs from the side under the disk to the motherboard connector above it.
The GPS unit is connected to the top right with a flatcable (disconnected here) and a earthing cable to one of the screws holding the harddisk.



  1. Hi !

    Good news from ASUS France !

    The R2H will be on shops at the end of october.

    For 1.199 EUROS (with all taxes) : Camera, Bluetooth + wifi inside, 768 Mo (VERY EXCELLENT !), 60 Go, keyboard, GPS + Europe maps and for gift a USB TV TNT !!!

    The end of the AMtek fo me and others ?

  2. It depends. For me the idea of having the GPS integrated does not sound that good for example. There are many cards where the only place where the GPS works is in the rear windshield. What you are going to do in this case with the Asus? ;)

    Like I said in another place... there is not an UMPC that is better than other. What is good for some could be the worse solution for others. ;)


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