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Sunday, October 15, 2006

AVS is dead!

Would you believe that upgrading the RAM will cause a major issue in your PC? Well, believe it!Afer the RAM upgrade the AVS now did not workany more in my Q1. I have spent the whole weekend trying to make it work. And all I got is a huge headache. And the worse thing is that1 could not find any documentation. I restored the AVS partition about 3 times. I restored the whole device including the Tablet PC partition one time. And Nothing , Nada!.

There was somebody claiming about a solution but the fact is that it worked only for a few apparently those that never booted in AVS before the upgrade.

Another amazing fact is that many of current owners have the same situation but they are happy with that.

I'm very disappointed to tell the truth.I'll start contacting Samsung about this situation on Monday.

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  1. james, the problem that I´m having is that for some reason that image does not fit in that partition. I did what you are saying and I have restore the whole system from 0 and neither way have worked for me.


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