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My Surface PRO 3 'Must Have' Accessories List

Saturday, October 07, 2006

BoxWave Antiglare Screen Protector Review

A few day ago I announced here and at Origami Project Forum a new review about a product that changed dramatically the way I interact with my eo v7110 and during all these days I have been giving clues of what kind of accessory I was talking about:

So what's the mysterious accessory? Tada da da! The Boxwave Antiglare Screen Protector for TabletKiosk eo v7110.



I always have considered a screen protector a "must have" accessory and at the same time one of the most difficult for me to install even when BoxWave includes a very comprehensive instructions in the back of the package.


What's included in this package?


  1. The screen protector specially cut to fit the size of the UMPC screen. I bought in ebay a screen protector for 3 dollars and it was like 2 millimeters smaller than the eo screen and as a result there was a gap between the protector and the body of the eo and it was very annoying when I was scrolling pages and the stylus got into that gap. This screen protector fits perfectly.
  2. A small card needed to get the air out between the screen and the protector. Tip: Better use a Credit Card!
  3. A piece of cotton cloth.
Now, how this screen protector has dramatically changed the interaction with my eo? For two reasons:

1.-It's antiglare property. There is not any way to explain this point than these two pictures:





The glare is gone!

2.-The surface of eo screen, or any other UMPC, is very skids. This screen protector adds a different texture to the screen that feels more like paper. I have found that this new texture has improved a lote my handwriting.

These two points plus the fact that now my eo screen is protected against scratches made by particles of dust or sand falling between the screen and the stylus is what make me recommend this accessory from BoxWave to every UMPC owner. The BoxWave Antiglare Screen Protector is a really "Must Have".


  1. Hello, thanks for the review. Do you know if these for the V7110 are the same size as for the i7210?

    - Jim Sparkman

  2. I really don't know. But it seems to me that all of them use about the same screen.

  3. For information, this mail of TabletKiosk the 7th October on the AMtek T700 :

    "...At this time we do not have the docking cradle avaialbe - we hope to have port replicator device by end of month - no immediate release date for the Docking cradle yet avaiable...".

    Best regards.


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