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Friday, October 06, 2006

Some screen shots from Vista

I read in some where that Microsoft rewrote every single line of code in Vista creating a completely new Operating System. I really don't know if this is true but one thing is for sure, many things have changed in Vista.

add and remove

For example, now the "Add and Remove Programs" now is called "Programs and Features"and of course, it looks a lote better.

Microsoft has added a new tool to Vista just to change the file association.


Another new feature added is a "Parental Control" tool.

Parental Control

I have been using Vista for almost two days now and Today when I switched back to XP felt like a fish out of the water.


  1. for information, tabletkiosk has sent the two cases for my EO yesterday.

  2. no vista subject :

    I regularly have problems with the trackpoint: it does not answer badly with intensified brightness inopportune. have you to it same peobleme which obliges me to start again Windows?

  3. do you mean that it work slower? That could be due to a lack of either CPU or Grafic Card resources.I have experienced slowness in my eo but it disappears after a while.


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