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Friday, May 18, 2007

Vista Drivers officially released for Q1

I just found at Origami Project Forum that Samsung has relased finally officially Vista Drivers for Q1 that can be downloaded here. I have not compared yet the version numbers of these drivers versus those ones that came originally with the first batch of Q1p released to the market, I'll do it later today and I will report back of any difference.


  1. Hi Frank,

    Are these drivers for Q1 units that came with Vista preinstalled, or if you have upgraded to Vista from XP?


    Charlie Thomas

  2. There are not drivers for each case, there only drivers for Vista, no matter if it´s preinstalled or installed.

  3. These version numbers appear to be considerably later than the original XP drivers so I'm reinstalling Vista to see what happens. If these things work fairly well and the 2gb chip works in the Q1, there may be hope for it yet!


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