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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

US702W the ideal UMPC

Somebody at OrigamiProject.com pointed me to a set of pictures showing the Q1U at CeBit and in that set of pictures I found these ones that belong what I consider the best UMPC design I have seen:



The US702W!


  1. When, where, how much? I can't take the wait much longer!...I hope it just isn't another UMPC pig with lipstick!

  2. If I would know the answer to your both question I would be living reading people's feature.

  3. Oh your such a tease! But keep up your good works anyway, you are becoming ubiquitous in this arena

  4. That makes quite some time that this product was presented. The blog of the designers is here:
    It is not updated very often, but it has nice pictures!

    Last I heard that they were planning to hit the market (in Asia I guess) by the end of 2007.

    Wait & See :)

  5. That's the whole information that I have too. But that have not changed in the last 3 months and those guys, the makers, have completely disappeared from the public life.

  6. See whole gallery here:

    I shot that at CeBit

  7. Yeah, I posted the link to the whole set in my post.

    Good pictures!

  8. Recognition still not perfec!

    "If I would know the answer to your both question I would be living reading people's feature."

    This translates like:

    If I would know the answer to your both questions I would be living reading people's future"

    I do not know whay future got changed to feature!


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