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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sorry Palm, but you got it wrong this time.

My first PDA was a Palm. At the beginning of the decade Palm was a symbol of innovation but it seems to me that this company is not going to reach the end of the decade. This company looks like a ship without a Captain. Who would have thought to see five years ago a Palm using Windows CE? Is not that crazy? A Palm using Windows? And now, Palm making Subnotebooks. Because I do not can how Palm wants to present this device, this 10" device is not a PDA, it is not a MID and it's not a UMPC. If it looks like a subnotebook it's a subnotebook. Check this picture and tell me that I'm wrong.

This is why I agree 100 % this time with Engadget.

We like the scroll wheel, the keyboard and screen were very nice, and the browser works excellently (and with Flash! see the gallery). It's wonderful that it works so well with your phone and all of that business, but we just can't get behind this one. We need a better Treo, or we need a Foleo or like device that replaces your Treo -- we don't want both. No ifs, ands, or buts. We already have a laptop, and when you consider the fact that this thing is about the size and weight of a Dell X1 (ok, maybe a little larger), the user just doesn't have a whole lot of reason to take one of these home.
Where is the innovation? Where are the golden years Palm?


  1. Well, I'll give Palm credit for this much...the 700wx is the PDA phone I've ever owned. It's SO much better than T-Mobile MDA was and since the Wing is almost the same thing, I'm sure it's better than that, too. It's better than the older, bigger and heavier PDA phones I've used and certainly better than any smartphone I've ever owned. I never cared for the Palm OS per se, but they did do a good job with the 700wx.

  2. It seems that nobody is getting this. Can anyone guess where Palm made their money with original Palm PDA's? - in business market, and that's where this is heading. Allowing mobile computing to large group of employees is a big costly problem to corporations. Original palm got past that and this will too... People dont seem to understad how restricted corporate computers are, those are not like we use them, those are more like foleo's stricted and limited usage., those just cost more, consume more power, and need much more from the IT depatment to keep those in control. This is more like Mobile thin client. Boy's do your homework, before you think you know it all - this is not for you!

  3. And do you think that palm will survive selling that thing with Linux to Business?

    then I wish palm all the luck.

    And hey go around, read other pages. I won't say that this release has been a good one!

  4. I suppose my first post above was half complete. Given how nice the 700wx is compared to every other PDA phone on the market, it's too bad they come out with something as useless as this. I can't see Palm surviving selling something like this to anyone. It serves as an example of what happens when you don't let your R&D people see how your products are actually used in the real world. A thin device based on a phone...what were they thinking?

  5. Well, for me Palm ship started to sink when they installed Windows CE in one of their devices. And do not get me wrong. Part of my income is coming from Windows CE and I'm actually using a Pocket PC because Palm did not give me the power I needed from the point of view of software. But what kept Palm alive was the controversy or competition with Microsoft of who owned the best software for a PDA. And I can tell you one thing. Pocket PCs are a lot more powerful devices but I still think that Palm was a lot better organizer.

    Without competition you don't have innovation. Innovation comes from the willing of having something better than the opposition.

    Do you think that you treo 700wx is the best Pocket PC PHone? Well, there are dozen of those devices competing. I don't know at t his point which one is the best but I can tell you one thing they are not a lot different because they use Windows CE as OS. I would be a lot happier if Palm would have a newer version of it's original Palm Treo with a lot better Palm OS.

    Palm should go back to PalmOS.

  6. After some further reflection I think the concept has merit - but not for what they are positioning it as. My two cents here:

  7. John, that was not 2 cents, that was more like 2 dollars!

    Lets put it in this way, if you are in the IT field probably you know what KISS means(Keep It Simple Stu...). If you have two devices to work with you have two devices to troubleshoot. This is the beginning of why I do not love the concept.

    The second point is that what Linux is going to do to be full compatible with Microsoft files format. This as been always an issue between Palm and Microsoft. Now Palm has chosen to go with Linux to fall again into the same problems that they had in the past with Microsoft?

    The 3rd point, if all you want is email and Internet, would not be easier to buy a Nokia N800?

    The 4th point, if all you want is to carry all your documents, would not be easier and full compatible to carry a UMPC?

    Even for business market, like somebody explained already, yes this would be easier to control for IT people but come on, we still live in a Microsoft world, what is going to happens if that person in a business trip have to connect that thing to something, even a printer or anything else. I'm sure that that person is going to have a lot of problem getting some help with drivers or anything relative with linux.

    Another point is that no all the IT departments support Linux. In my department nobody know a shit about Linux. It wont take me too long to learn what I need but... If I don't need to would be better. So that point that this device is better for ITs, that's theory. No Virus, yes, but Linux is a different world not supported by everybody and where drivers are a big issue.


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