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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Q1 ultra is slow

The first user that received the Q1 Ultra has confirmed what I said in my article the Q1 Ultra in numbers. The only way found by Intel to deliver a battery life close to VIA processors is making a crappy processor. The A110 and the VIA C7 have about the same performance. The only difference is that the Intel Graphic chip is a little bit better.


  1. By 'crappy' I think you mean 'optimised' dont you?

    As we've determined many times, these optimised processors are fine for everyday use and dont really impact productivity.

    Steve - From a VIA-based 'slow' UMPC in dual-screen desktop mode.

  2. I said crappy because they could have done something better. I would accept that the second generation of the VIA C7 is a optimized version of that one use in the eo v7110 but the A110 to me is just a step backward.

    In fact, taking in consideration that now VIA has the same performance than the A110 to would consider lo buy one of the new umpc using that processor instead of buying the Q1U.

  3. I have discovered that on Q1 Ultra wireless network card slows the computer so much that one cannot watch movies. The wireless card also often stops other processes to run fast.
    Movies play much smoother when seen through Windows Media Centre!
    I removed many services and start up programs, switch graphics to 'best performance' and finally my Q1 Ultra is fast enough to watch videos across the whole screen!

  4. I'll do some tests to see if WiFi has anything to do with video played from HDD.


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