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Friday, March 16, 2007

Unofficial Q1 Vista Drivers

The Unofficial Vista Drivers for Samsung Q1 has been uploaded. These drivers are the ones from the Q1p. The HID Driver still not there, this means that we still need to use the "floating Tip", the hack to make the Q1 pass as a Tablet PC, and the registry hack to avoid the issue with the touch screen not responding.

The good news is that the menus have been updated and they are working now.


  1. Loaded those drivers and they work perfectly. Am using Vista Home Premium on my Samsung NP-Q1 which originally had WinXP Tablet on it. My ONLY snafu is the wireless. Cannot get a stable connection to my Linksys wireless router. Any suggestions?

  2. WiFi, has been an issue since the begining. I have found that if you leave the WiFi drivers from MS Update at least they have been updated like 3 times in a period of a month. That driver works a little better, I believe.


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