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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Petition to Intel

More than 3000 people has signed a online petition to Intel asking for better drivers for 915 chipset.

Intel has stated that they will not release "vista premium" drivers for the i910/915 chipset, citing Microsoft design incompatibilities. The chipset described above is the most popular on laptop computers today and by not making decent drivers that support AERO, millions of users will not be upgrading to Vista, or will be left with a lesser experience. Intel calls their drivers "vista ready", but even vista DVD maker and Vista movie maker refuse to run on these "vista ready" drivers.
The fact is that many were able to test AERO in the earlier versions of Vista Beta, so it´s real that the 915 chipset can handle AERO. How good is it? I really do not know and I really do not care. This is one those cases where a company decides what is better for us customers and that make me feel like I´m a stupid caveman that does not know how to disable a feature if this feature does not give me the performance that I consider normal. That´s my point, and even when I do not believe too much about these online petitions I signed this one.

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