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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Origami Portal is now UMPC Portal.

I have to confess that I gave up with Steve. I just really don't know where to find him anymore! CarryPad? Origami Portal? UMPCPortal? Well, according to his latest email, this last one is going to be his home from now one.
The migration of Carrypad and Origamiportal to UMPCPortal.com is complete and I'd like to welcome everyone in to have a look around. Since last November I've been planning how best to move the three domains into one and in a mad dash between CES and CeBit I've managed to complete it.
What about the RSS? Should I change it? No. The RSS feed still the same and here is the link in case you have not added yet to your list, something that you should do.

Why all these changes? Here is what I think. I have a more narrow concept of what a UMPC is. For me it's a PC with a 5 to 7 inches display using Microsoft Windows Operating System for PC. It can have a touch screen but it's not mandatory - for some users, for me no touch screen means a big no no, that's the main reason why you don't see me writing about devices without touch screen. But for Steve, UMPC is a lot more. For him, UMPC is all he can carry around no matter what OS, what shape, as long as it's less than 2 pounds. This is why you see him writing about Nokia's devices, HTC Athena using Windows CE, etc. My guess is that with his UMPC concept the name of Origami Portal did not work to well. And I agree, UMPCPortal fits exactly into his concept.

So go ahead Steve! I'll follow you. I'm not giving up on you. No yet!

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