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Friday, March 02, 2007

Recording from SlingPlayer

SlingMedia encrypted the video streamed by SlingBox a while back. So it was not longer possible to record in your UMPC anything being played in your SlingPlayer. But today... I accidentally tested Fraps. I was looking for a Video Screen Capture and I tested this program while I had my Slingplayer working and what a surprise. This program just recorded what I had in my SlingPlayer playing!


  1. That's creative but pretty hack-ish. You should just try mReplay Live.. it's a Firefox plugin that allows you to watch, control, record, edit and share your Slingbox all in Firefox.

  2. mReplay Live came a lot after. Thanks for the tip anyway!

  3. And doesn't mReplay live only let you record 60secs worth at a time anyway?

  4. this is a very old news, the latest is that you can record using the latest version of slingbox so you don't need any extra software installed to do this.


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