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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Attention Asus R2H users

Yeap, some Vista drivers have became available at Asus download site.


  1. Hello Frank i hope you have some time to answer me. i just bought my asus from ebay. it's not new but it should be perfect. the first thing i wonder is about models, there are several, mine is BH041T. it appears to have been discontinued. can that be a problem? what should be the diferences? also i was thinking about installing vista that is if it is fast what is your experience? do you think i should stat with xp? i would have to buy vista... does everything work with vista? i also thought about linux cause i'm afraid it will be to slow with windows. and last question is it really capable of handling extra 1GB DDR2? i think it's all any advise more you have i thank you and thanks for the time and your blog.

  2. Interesting. That model seems that was sold only in Spain. Anyway... The Celeron processor used in the R2H did not have cache at all and that made the R2H to be the slower UMPC from the first generation of the UMPC using Intel Processors.

    I don't see any problem with the unit being discontinued because these devices like notebooks get old very fast (1 year).

    About installing Vista, I love Vista so my answer would be wait until your get used to your R2H. If you can live with the performance on your unit using XP imagine that Vista will run a little bit slower. If you still think that you can live with that performance then go ahead.

    For more info about installing Vista in a R2H I'll recommend you to ask Warner at Gottabemobile forum, he has one and he installed Vista on it.

  3. Oh, about the RAM.
    Try to install the 2 Gb on it.

  4. hmm nice i got the slowest one.
    i can put 2 giga???
    i'll stay with xp for now.
    i have only about 45 processes running. i' ve used it with internet already and runs ok.

    And internet slows computers, and it is with its original ram, 768.

    Only problem now is getting gps to work. But i have to try it outside and not at home.

    It gets too warm, but i think speed is not so bad depends of the use.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck!

  5. Yes, you can put 2 Gb of RAM on it.

  6. yes i'm going to do that.
    at this time i have two network connections to my r2h one with internet and i´m watching meaning of life, from Monty Python and it's just great, and i tested gps this weekend it worked well to it just takes a while to get the satellites but after that its perfect. i don't understand how i find so much ppl saying bad about this umpc, it is great, everything works fine it's a pc and a multimedia center or whatever you want to name it. everythings included. i wouldn't say this is a work computer because it's not. but it is a multifunctional and a great little helper. And... i haven't put the 2 gb yet.

  7. well not so bad 17732 score in crystalmark, 44 processes running and no extra memory yet (from what i've been reading it wont give much advantage in this benchmark) but it's much better than jk on the run got in is benchmarking in may 2007 http://jkontherun.blogs.com/jkontherun/2007/05/windows_readybo.html
    and i haven't tweaked it that much except for removing processes.


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