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Friday, March 02, 2007

Are you happy with Vista?

I was "walking" the Web as I usually do every morning and when I was passing by JkOnTheRun.com when I found about Chris Pirillo's Video explaining why he is breaking out with Vista.

What can I say beside that he is right? I spent 72 hours the last weekend looking for a tool to record video from my Q1 screen. I have tested more than 10 different programs and in all of them I´m having synchronization problems between Video and Audio.

And... I understand his point. I used to create my little videos in my Q1, running XP, editing with Windows Movie Maker, and I was happy. Probably it was a little bit slow, but I was happy. Now, I have to record my video, pass that recording to a program where I can synch back audio and video - a very time consuming task - and after that, I have to turn ON my XP notebook which was may primary machine, and edit the video there!

That makes me very frustrated because I was able to do all that from my Q1! And now with Vista, beside the recognition which is a lot better than XP, I have all these other problems that were not there before when I was using XP.

So... I have several friends asking me. Are you going to install Vista in your Notebook - I repeat, that was main PC before I got my UMPCs - and my answer is or sound more like "are you crazy? No way." I'm not planning to install Vista in any of my other machines.

The only time when I'm recommending Vista is when you have a Tablet PC because the learning functionality in Vista from your handwriting is just awesome. But that's it. Like Pirillo says, I know that that's not what Microsoft is expecting us to say but this the cruel reality. Vista is not ready for many users or in the other way around. How good is an OS if you can not have your work done in the same way you have doing it in your previous OS?

And we need to be clear in one thing, we can't blame all this on MS alone. Big OEMs such as HP, Lexmart, Brother, Samsung, Sony, Fujitsu, Dell, etc... they just did not work with Microsoft during Vista beta testing program to have Drivers ready for this release. And as result, we see people like Chris Pirillo who can't have his work done because his HP scanner does not work with Vista.

If you are a power user, and you are thinking about Vista, you better install it in a second partition. On that way you can go back to XP and have your work done. So far Vista is not ready for the market or just in the other way around, the market is not ready for Vista yet.

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