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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Finally an answer to our HID Drivers problems

I spent a few hours Yesterday trying to have the Q1 touch screen recognized as a touch screen and not as a mouse by Vista. And I never succeeded. Every time I tried there was a mouse in my Device Manager instead of a touch screen. And once again the only way to make it work was installing the Touchkit from egalax. Noticing that I thought that my next logical step could not be anything else than contacting eGalax so I sent them an email and few hours later I got a reply from them:

Dear Ctitanic,

Yes. Both Amtek T700 and Samsung Q1 use eGalax's chip solution. Amtek T700 use serial interface of digitizer and Samsung Q1 apply USB interface of controller. However, because design of Q1 is somewhat different. Anyway, we will release a new HID digitizer driver for USB interface digitizer controller soon.

With that driver, that can meet what you want, I think. Pls just wait for a while.


So this explains why Samsung has not released any Vista drivers for our old Q1s. They just do not have a solution. This email also explain why the newest Q1p with Vista does not use the Touchkit; they just changed the hardware design to use a serial interface. That means that at this point there is nothing that we can do about it but wait for eGalax.

Probably would be good if you guys show some interest in these drivers for Vista to eGalax. They probably are looking for beta testers (I'm just speculating here).


  1. Hi Frank, I saw this on the egalax website in news section. Don't know if this has any relation to the problem for Q1.

    As an important hardware peripheral partner for Windows Vista, eGalax president Mei Tsai was invited to participate an industrial forum held by Microsoft Taiwan on 22 nd Oct at Ilan. Through this extinguished gathering, eGalax announces their Vista Ready touch solution with Microsoft, and is expected to popularize touch applications on PCs with Windows Vista.

    Through technical cooperation between eGalax and Microsoft, users will no longer need to install drivers and utilities when using touchscreen devices with Windows Vista. Furthermore, lots of innovative features such as better-integrated pen support, digital ink input, and handwriting recognition, provide Tablet PCs or UMPC users a more convenient working environment. We believe this combination will achieve a whole new milestone on touchscreen applications, and bring in touch solutions to more consumer and industrial products with Windows Vista. Please feel free to contact sales1@egalax.com.tw for Windows Vista compatible controllers and driver.

  2. Well, but as you can see. There are problems. Vista recognize the eGalax touch screen in our Q1s, you can even work in that way but for example, the right click functionality wont work. Vista will not take that as a digitizer so none Tablet PC features are going to be available to you.

    Even installing the touchkit we have to apply two different registry tweaks to have Vista and other programs thinking that eGalax Touch Screen is a digitizer.

    If you have any question I invite you to contact them using that same email you posted here.

  3. Hello,

    I was just looking on the eGalax website and there is a recent Vista update dated 03/27/07:


    Is this any use for a Q1 (I haven't started the upgrade process yet)?

    John Pearce.

  4. I'll test it as soon as I get home.


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