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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pocket PC Solutions = Tablet PC Resources

Pocket PC Solutions will not sell more TabletKiosk in UK. According to this press note:
PocketPC Solutions has decided to terminate its agreement with TabletKiosk, and are no longer acting as their UK agent. All customers who have purchased TabletKiosk products from us are still covered by their warranties, and can contact us for any support during the warranty period. If you have any concerns about the above statement please contact us.
It seems to me that Glyn Evans (Pocket PC Solutions) is going big. I have not talked to him about this but I can speculate that:

1- Pocket PC Solutions is becoming TabletPC Resources, a wider online store selling PPC, UMPC, Tablet PCs, Smartphones and Notebooks.
2- And that Pocket PC Solutions is opening another online Store based in Tampa, USA, targeting the USA market and using the same name TabletPC Resources.

Well, I'm happy to see that. More competition means better price for us consumers. So I wish you all the best in this new adventure Glyn! I hope that he is reading these lines (he always does ;)) and want to add more information to what I just said.

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  1. Hi Frank

    To update you and your readers, we (PocketPC Solutions) made the decision in February to terminate our reseller agreement with TabletKiosk, as per out statement on our website. This decision was made before, but coincided with the departure of TabletKiosk's European sales manager (this was coincidental, and was not planned). We later formed Tablet PC Resources to concentrate and specialise in UMPC's and Tablet PC's. The aim of Tablet PC Resources is to provide our customers with the same high level of service that PocketPC Solutions has provided, and will continue to provide. PocketPC Solutions will continue to serve the UK and European market, with Tablet PC Resources UK being a dedicated Tablet and UMPC reseller and distributer.

    I hope this answers some of your questions.

    Glyn Evans
    PocketPC Solutions & Tablet PC Resources UK


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