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Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Asus Drivers

A todoUMPC User found more Vista drivers for Asus that are not listed yet at their site.


  1. I tried the Video drivers from the R2H on my Q1 and they installed and work fine.

    Version dated 1/13/07

    Rotation and resolution changes still all work fine.

  2. Yeah, that's a good news. I have not tested yet thinking that we probably are going to get soon the rest of the drivers for the Q1. And because I really do not care at this point about this driver. I had two issues, one, was the Sound Driver, because I was missing the SRS. The Second driver/tool is the touchkit. The touchkit should include the HID that we need to have our Q1 fully recognized as a Tablet. So, I'm at this point half way!


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