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Saturday, March 24, 2007

8 Gbs more for my Q1

I just found a very good deal at Amazon: 8 GB Transcend CF Card for 87 dollars (Affiliated link).

That's a little more than $10 per Gb and even when the CF slot is said to be slow like hell in our Q1s, 8 Gbs are 8 Gbs! So I ordered one for myself.

I have read in some where that this card is fast enough for Vista Readyboost, I don't think that that is going to work in my Q1 but it's good to know.


  1. I have a 4 and 8 GB CF from Transcend as well as a 8GB USB thumb drive.
    The Q1 won't use it for readyboost, but it works ok.

    To me though the Transcend devices are slower than advertised.
    My USB stick is terribly slow on write speeds... so slow it won't work under readyboost. Read speeds are fine.

    Even though they are so cheap, I personally will be staying away from them on my next purchases.

    Their customer support is non-existent.

    Anyway, for a large storage device to read from more than writing they seem fine.

    If anyone gets a chance, I am curious on how much power is consumed while these are installed on the Q1.
    Does it have any noticeable effect on battery life?

  2. I concur with psybertech - the write speeds on this Transcend card is considerably less than expected (the 120x mostly refers to read speeds only). I've had this card in my Pocket PC and Sony U8G, and it works fine in both.

    One thing though - I'm not sure if the slower write speeds have to do with the cards themselves, or is generic to larger sized cards - I have a Seagate microdrive that exhibits the same characteristics.

    BTW I got mine at very nearly $200 just under a year ago.

  3. I read it in a list where somebody reported it as working in readyboost.

    But that was not the reason why I bought it. the reason was its 8 Gb and price. Like I said 8 Gb are 8 Gb.


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