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Monday, March 05, 2007

No drivers for Vista has been released yet by Samsung

Right after this press release I checked Samsung Web site looking for Vista Drivers of any of the current Q1 models and I could not find any. So I sent an email to:
Samsung Electronics America
Information Technology Division
Jason Redmond, 949-975-7077
And I asked Mr Redmond if he has any information to share about these drivers. Lets see if I get some information in this way.


  1. Well at least they officially announced this so its just a matter of time now!

    Honestly all I really need & want is improved sound drivers (MIC) & any improved HID drivers.

    Everything else really works well and I think any issues so far are simply Vista related.

    Still, I can't wait for updates!
    something new to play with. =)

  2. That's exactly what I need too. And if they release the sound drivers for the Q1P, we can install that one without any problem. I'm not sure about if we can install the HID Drivers but at least the sound one I'm certain that we can.

  3. I plan on ordering a Vista equipped Q1 as soon as they are available. When I do, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the drivers that come with my Q1 to you.

    I'm hoping that somehow Samsung improved the poor CF slot performance on the Vista certified machine so it can be used for readyboost. (wishful thinking I'm sure)

  4. Thanks, I'm also hopping that they fix the CF slot. If that slot can be used me ready boost the Q1 will gain a lot.


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