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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Amtek T770 coming soon to USA

A few days ago we posted about this new device, the Amtek T770. Today I got more information about its release in USA and prices. According to our sources the T770 is the same T700 re engineered to run 7 degrees cooler - I knew it! The Amtek T700 has a faulty design from the point of view of heat dissipation!

The Amtek T770 is going to be available in USA next month with these specifications and prices:

1.2 G Via Processor
1G Memory
Built in 1.3 Camera
Card Reader
Stereo Speakers
Vista Home Premium

With suggested retail pricing of:

40GB $975.00
60GB $1040.00
80GB $1095.00

And here is another big news, the company importing them to USA is a new company called Tablet PC Resources (page still under construction), (727) 480-8033, (727) 363-7703 - Fax. And last but not less, they are taking pre orders at this moment. I know that none of you will place order to an unknown company neither I. As far as I know from my sources they have worked with the owner of this new company before and they trust him. Anyway... The Amtek T770 will be available in USA next month and now we know the price.

Update: I just got more information about this new company.

Hi Frank
Just seen your posting about the T770 being available in the USA, and thought you should know that Tablet PC Resources is our US partner, so is a genuine business, and none of your readers need worry about buying direct from them. We will be providing a global presence, with www.tabletpcresources.com and www.tabletpcresources.co.uk already registered, with a further expansion later this year.
I am currently working on the website, but will probably upload a basic version later today.
Glyn Evans
PocketPC Solutions
URL. www.pocketpc-solutions.co.uk
Tel. +44 (0) 20 78715045
Fax. +44 (0) 870 0115801

My guess is that I don't need to say anything else, friends of my friends are my friends. Coming from Glyn means that it's good.

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