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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Samsung Q2 Revealed!

Engadget has just posted the first pictures of what seems to be the Samsung Q2!


According to the PowerPoint presentation which you can view in the gallery below, the Q2 will sport an unknown Intel (not Via) CPU running Vista Home Premium, a 1,024 x 600 WSVGA resolution (no 800 x 600 here), two digital cameras (1.3 megapixel for "photography" and 0.3 megapixel for videoconferencing), and a fingerprint scanner. Most exciting, though, are your connectivity and input options; the Q2 tacks on a much-needed, albeit split QWERTY keyboard and -- get this -- Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi (802.11b/g), HSDPA, and WiBro.


  1. Waow !!!!!!!!!
    I WANT IT ! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And mouse/trackpoint and mouse G et D !!!!!!

  2. yeah, perfect! all we asked for! even a little keyboard to help a little bit with passwords!

  3. I want one ASAP!

    I sold my Q1 just in time!!!

  4. Man!!!!
    I really like it so far, but man, bad timing for buying one two months ago!

    I wonder how much I could get for a very well loved and cared for Q1P?

    If its not a HUGE hit, I would love to upgrade to this.

    I wonder when and how much this will go for.

  5. Taking in consideration that Samsung has not released the so called Butterfly yet, and that was announced more than 6 months ago, I would say that this will be released around September.

    Price... expect to pay 1600 dollars or more. That´s the part I do not like. We should see the UMPC prices stay under 1000 dollars for the health of this platform.

  6. With HSDPA modem, the Q2 will be over 1000 USD/1000 EUR. It's normal.

  7. I hope they sell multiple versions of it, like without modems, etc... I would like to have the HSDPA modem but I'll give up that option to have a price close to 1000 dollars.

  8. Some Korean newspapers reported that Q2 would be available for around $1000. CPU is Intel Core Solo, but it didn't tell exact spec. I'm very excited.

  9. Well, that's a very good news!


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