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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Completely New Asus UMPC

Asus has shown at CeBit a completely new Convertible UMPC. This device will use a VIA processor and includes most of the features that made so popular the Asus R2H.


I would lie if I say that I like this design. It's "an ugly Mother f...." But... It's functional and Asus is well known for their very low price. The bottom line is that I'm happy to see more new UMPC coming soon. That's very good for this market.

[Thanks Jeff for sending me this tip.]


  1. It looks like a Toshiba Libretto

  2. I would add to the post that this device was developed for the education market :)

  3. If this is the case they will not sale an unit. the exterior design is not appealing to young people.

  4. BTW does the choice of a VIA processor means the device will stick to XP or would you think they'll "upgrade" it to Vista? I guess, while the design is not great, using XP would be something students would really dislike...

  5. I have my eo v7110 which is a very slow machine running Vista so I do not see any reason why this one can't use Vista.


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