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Monday, March 26, 2007

I can't believe this

Samsung released the Q1p with Vista pre installed without a really full HID support. And if you don't believe me check this.
I tried to do some "flicks" and it looks like we can't do them. Everytime I tried it said cannot do flicks with mouse...even though I was using the pen. But I guess it doesn't REALLY think it's a pen. Or am I missing a setting somewhere? Can we do flicks with the Q1?

This means that the touch screen still being recognized by the OS as a mouse instead of a digitizer. The Q1p with Vista Pre installed is using a MS generic HID driver, could be that the problem?

Forget about it. This is why is that important to keep threads on topic. He was talking about his upgraded Q1p without HID Support. I still have not confirmed it this is really an issue in the Q1p with Vista pre installed.

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  1. I just posted at the origamiproject as well but just to repeat..I do not have the HID drivers working on my Q1p. I am using the registry hack and Touchkit. I do not know whether flicks would work with the pre-installed Vista Q1Ps I was just pointing out that it doesn't work for me...and I thought we had tricked the system pretty good (I get personalized handwriting, etc).



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