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Thursday, October 25, 2007

have not found your valid reason to buy a UMPC?

The other day I was writing an article for todoUMPC.com and I was saying that most of the people that have owned a UMPC and ended returning it was because they did not have a valid reason to buy one to begin with. Lets faced, UMPC still expensive toys and if you don't have a real use for them you are going to end regretting to have bought one. I do have my valid reason, I carry mine loaded with Visual Studio and the source code of Tweask2k2 and all my other programs. And more than once I have turned on my UMPC to check my code and help a customer.

A few weeks ago I was working in a Security Project and again my UMPC played a very important role on it. You can read the whole story here, summarizing it, thanks to my Q1 I was able to check security cameras away from home and catch some thieves. Is not this another valid reason?

But UMPCs are also cool toys and I was writing about it in this other note at my blog. How many times you have not ran into that case that I'm describing at my blog, you heard a song on the radio and you want to buy it for your music collection. Half of the time when you get home you already forgot the name of the song, the singer or just that you wanted to buy that song. But if you are "always connected" thanks to your UMPC that never is going to happen again.

There are many other reasons, probably not that important like the above mentioned but still not less valid. Check this video and you will see what I'm talking about:

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