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Monday, October 29, 2007

Vye Mini-V S37B Full review

 Image1_thumbUMPCPortal has prepared a full review of the Vye Mini-V S37B UMPC.

The Vye S37 is a high-end ultra-portable product with few flaws. The keyboard is high quality, the hard disk is large and fast and the upgradeable memory slot is a real advantage. The battery life is disappointing considering that similar devices, namely the Q1 ultra and Fujitsu U810, are around 30% more efficient using the same Intel processor platform. Processing power is limited although the fast disk and large memory capability help to counter this.

Personally I find this UMPC too big. There is too much space around the 7" screen. And again, the A110 from Intel is not good for Vista. We need a decent processor from Intel capable of moving Vista.

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