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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Vye S37: first impressions

vyes37According to Kevin, we both share the same disease and he is absolutely right, we are madly in love with UMPC or any mobile technology. Today he posted at Jkontherun his impressions about the Vye S37.

Overall, this is a nice device so far. I like that it can run Aero Glass as I've almost forgotten what that looks like! I'm not sold on the Vye in slate mode due to the extra "base" that sticks out. I do like the mouse buttons, scroll buttons and pointer stick, but as I'm more of an inker, I tend to navigate around with a stylus than with hardware buttons or a mouse pad. Still, these all work well and I'm going to force myself to use them; perhaps they'll win me over? More to follow, but I wanted to share some very initial thoughts...

Another thing that Kevin and I share is that we both like "ink". We do not care too much about having an integrated keyboard. There is nothing like writing these notes in my Q1 screen laying in my bed.

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