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Thursday, October 04, 2007

PC World declares UMPC DOA

sony_u50_reviewToday Kevin from JKOnTheRun reminded me about another article from PC World that I found Yesterday and ignored it because what they said about UMPC was a complete none sense:  

...by delivering a platform that's too small for true productivity and too large for genuine mobility, Microsoft ensured that the UMPC was pretty much dead on arrival

Hum... so this concept has being dying for more than 3 years already. Yes, because for the last 3 years Sony has been selling the U50/70 series and I don't think that Sony is that stupid to keep making a product without a market. Check this review published back in 2004 and compare what you see there with current UMPCs.

Definitely, I'm glad that I canceled my PC World subscription long time ago.

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