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Friday, October 19, 2007

Can you run Google Earth in an Everun?

As you may already know I have been testing lately an Everun. And I'm running all kind of tests on this machine. So far I like the combination of 6 GB SDD and a Hybrid HDD. To have your OS installed in the 6 Gb SDD helps a lot the overall performance and at the same time this combination is not as expensive as if you are buying a 40 or 60 Gb SSD. One of my tests was to open Google Earth in the Everun and I shot a short video of it so you can see with your own eyes how is the performance during this task.

The Everun on this video was provided by Dynamism.

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  1. Google earth requires 3d hardware so here you are seeing it fall back to software emulation. This is the same with all other Geode based devices.

    You will find limitations in other softare too. iTunes for example. Cover-flow for exmaple. It doesnt work.

    Steve (on the everun, lying on the sofa!)

  2. But... don't you think that with a little more powerful processor it would have had a better software emulation. Let's say, with the same Geode running at 800 MHz. The major problem I can see is heat dissipation. I think that Raon should explore a solution using a VIA processor in a future device.


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