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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Zune, WiFi, a wining combination

I was reading Google News Today when I found this article in PCWorld and after reading it  I was glad that I canceled my PCWorld subscription years ago.  

Microsoft Corp. will take another crack at blending social networking with digital music next month with the release of new Zune music players and a renewed campaign to promote song sharing.

The move, analysts agreed, is smart. But the chance it can help Microsoft make headway against Apple Inc.'s iPod players and iTunes music store is slim.

I understand that the Social Campaign is something important because it's a concept never seen before in any other MP3 player and in any other company. But if you ask me what is the most important point in this new Zune version and software release, I would say that the most important point is that Microsoft has fully put to work the WiFi in Zunes. Yes, before the WiFi was used to share files between Zunes, an Ad-hoc kind of connection. Now Zune owners are going to be able to connect the Zune to their home WiFi network and synchronize the device via WiFi. This alone is something never seen before and that in my opinion makes the Zune a lot better device than the iPod Classic and all the other players I have seen (Chris, what do you think? do you have anyone in your collection that does that?).

I know, now you are going to ask me why I canceled my PCWorld subscription. So I'm going to answer the question before you ask it. Because I can't understand how a technical magazine can publish an article about a device and miss the real important points that make this device better. It's not the social what is important, what is important is that WiFi card in the Zune that is going to be used for real for the first time. And that's not all. If the Zune is connected to your home network for the first time and your home network is connected to Internet what stops MS from integrating a browser in the Zune?

Connecting the Zune to a network is just the first step. Keep going Microsoft! Keep going! You just has opened the box, just keep pulling good stuff from that box.

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