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Thursday, October 11, 2007

UMPC Usage Survey, win 500 dollars.

Microsoft wants to know more about how do we use our UMPCs. Of course, I won't give them my Social Security Number but how I use my UMPC, that I can tell them. Another thing that I told them in this survey is that for me is as important to have a good performance as to see a price range for UMPCs between 500 and 900 dollars. And what about you, our dear reader, what do you want to tell Microsoft about UMPCs? This is your opportunity. Do not miss it.

Dear UMPC Enthusiasts,

As part of our ongoing efforts to better serve the UMPC category, Microsoft is conducting a survey to gather additional data on UMPC usage and perceptions. If you own a UMPC, or are interested in UMPCs, we invite you to participate in this short survey:


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