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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fujitsu P1610

Well, it's not a secret any more. I received a Fujitsu P1610 for a test drive. I have ran some tests and I have shot a lot of pictures of it.


Tomorrow I'm sending it back and later during the day I'll put all my notes and data together into a review. I would like to thank Alliance Technology Partners for sending me this demo unit.


  1. The P610 is my dream...

  2. A big question for me :

    The P1510 is the only PC in the world to have the Dialkeys keybooard, included in the Origamis Microsoft Touch Pack.

    The new P1610 have also the Dialkeys ?


  3. It came with DialKeys but to me is unusable. Keep in mind that this screen is probably a little less sensitive than your eo.

  4. With the EO AMtek, the Dialkeys is not possible with the thumbs. Only with the nails, and it is cool.

    Ctitanic, is it possible to have a picture with the P1610 and the AMtek EO ?

    Thanks and good work !

  5. thamk you very mutch, Ctitamic !

    This picture is very intersting. I dont know the P1610 have exactly the same dimensions than origami...


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