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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

TabletKiosk´s Power Bank

Yesterday I posted the press release of TabletKiosk about the MP3400 Powerbank. In this press release TabletKiosk says...

Properly configured, the Powerbank MP3400 can extend the normal battery life of many devices up to 8 hours...

Please, read carefully, they said "many devices". This powerbank is a Universal Powerbank so you can charge or use it in any of your devices that require a voltage between 9 to 19 volts. But... what battery life should you expect to see in your eo V7110? A little more than 4 hours. Just do the math, if the original battery with the 24 Wh gives you around 2 hours, this bank with 56 Wh will give you 4 and 40 minutes. Of course, you should add this 4 hours to those 2 hours that gives you your eo's original battery, so that's a total of 6 hours and 40 minutes running on battery. To get 8 hours using this battery bank in your eo v7110 you have to turn off the screen almost the whole time.

One Tip, use the bank when you have your battery in your eo fully charged. In that way the power bank does not use an extra power to charge your battery. Once the Power Bank is gone, then unplug it and use the eo's battery.


  1. How long of battery did you get with the extended battery for the V7110 from TabletKiosk last?

    Not this powerbank, the extended battery.

  2. I have tested 2 extended battery, tabletkiosk's 6 cells, and mugen power 9 cells. The 6 cell gives you an average of 3.66 hours, the 9 cells around 5.49 (5 hours and 30 mins).


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