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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Quality Control

Like I said in this note, after have checked or read about all UMPC on the market it seems to me that some of these devices needed a little more time in OEM labs. The Standby and Hibernation issues in ECS's 7210 are unacceptable. The absence of HID drivers in all but the eo v7110 is just unbelievable. And a VIA processor running hotter than any other processor in the market and with less battery life than all the others are just few of the things that point to a very poor quality control.

I hope that these companies do a better job in the second generation, so far all I have is a B for Samsung and a D for the rest (Yes, Amtek, I gave you a D, but you deserved a F)


  1. I agree but I think the trackpoint less of the samsung deserved a Z and not a B...

    For me, amtek deserved a B, as the R2H.

  2. My score card
    Samsung Q1: B
    Samsung Q1b: A-
    Asus R2H: C


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