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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Interview with Ed Holloway

Gottabemobile has just uploaded a video interview with Ed Holloway.
Ed Holloway is quite active on a number of fronts when it comes to developing ink applications. As the co-founder and CTO for Field2Base he is instrumental in the development of that forms application as well as the new Forms2Base application that was recently released.
Ed Holloway's Blog is in my list of RSS feeds that I check daily. He's Ink Blog Plug-in for Windows Live Writer is one of the best applications that can be used to "blog" in ink. He's Beta for the Ink Search Tool was my inspiration to create Inkoogle, a tool that I created because I needed something like Ink Search Tool but with more Search Engines on it.

Sometimes Warner at Gottabemobile calls me prolific but I'm nothing compare to Ed Holloway. Thank to developers like Ed Holloway is that the Tablet PC market still exist.


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