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Friday, December 29, 2006

What's Vistagami?

According to the latest post from Dustin (Microsoft Origami team):

First let me say that Vistagami is just an internal code name my team came up with to name the Windows Vista version of Origami. More precisely, it is the internal code name of the next version of the Touch Pack. What is included, what it will be named and how it is different from the XP version, etc. has not been disclosed yet.

Vistagami isn't intended to represent any new UMPC hardware, or improvements on things such as battery life, lower prices, etc. That's not to say these issues aren't being worked on by OEMs, it's just not part of Vistagami. Rebember that Microsoft as a provider of software to OEMs actually has little control over the actual hardware designs, specs and prices of UMPCs that actually come to market. We of course meet with OEMs often, give them feedback on their designs, recommend performance targets, hardware specifications, etc. but in the end a manufacturer has the final say on what they deliver to the market.

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