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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Universal Web Searching Tool with Ink Support

Inkoogle is a Universal Web Searching tool with Ink Support. It helps Tablet PC and UMPC Owners to search in all Google different types of searches and in Wikipedia. The program was created using the latest Inkanalyze API from Microsoft that is a lot better than the old API.


I have released the program as a freeware that can be downloaded here, but do not forget that this tool requires .NET Framework v 2.0 unless you are using Vista where it's already pre installed. BTW, I tested it in Vista and it works perfectly.

Note: I want to mention one thing, the tool is freeware but it use my Adsence ID in each search. I do not get paid for this but I do get paid if people click in the Adds placed by Google in the Search Results. So if you find the tool useful for you, keep it and once in a while click in one of those adds to help me! :D (at least this is what I think, I'm not sure yet if I get paid or not when somebody clicks in the so called Ads by Google that appears in some of the searches :( )

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