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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

130 Millions Next Year

Yeah, we will see more UMPCs next year. According to VIA Technology Director, the global market for next year is estimated in 130 millions of UMPC!


  1. Dear sir,

    I am Hanzo in origamiproject. Actually I'm very doubted about 130 million UMPCs will be sold in the next year.

    Maybe VIA is expecting 130 million Taiwan dollars?

    Just kidding...Let's see how much VIA can do.


  2. Well, I don´t know, the last month Asus declared that they sold at that moment more than 200000 units. And Asus was the last one to release a UMPC. I estimate that this year have been sold between 1 to 2 million units (counting the Sony UX, Vega and Fujitsu P1610). For a first year, I don't think that it's bad. CES in January will give the final push to this platform. So I do believe that the global market of UMPCs could be 130 millions in 2007.


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