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Friday, December 29, 2006

Docking Station for v7110

According to Gail Levy from Tabletkiosk, v7110 owner could have the eo docking station early the first quarter of 2007.

Hello all,I'm hearing from our R&D team in Taiwan that the dock for the eo v7110 is undergoing testing now. In fact, I expect to see the docking cradle at CES.

Thank you to all of the eo v7110 owners who have been waiting for the docking cradle. We appreciate your patience! During our engineering process, we came across some unforseen glitches and decided to delay the release instead of
shipping a product that would not live up to customer expectations...

At this point, the release date for the docking cradle in early Q1 is entirely realistic. In fact, I am going to have our website updated to reflect this information. As I know more, I promise to keep this community updated about it!

Gail Levy


  1. I'll just say... :-D

  2. Very good news !
    With experience, the AMtek T700 is not a bad origami...

  3. I've been searching in the Tabletkiosk web site and it says:

    "Product Status: Undergoing FCC testing.

    Shipping: 4 - 6 weeks."



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