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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vega Review at Pocketables

While I'm still waiting for a Vega that was supposed to be in my hands probably a month ago ;) I found in my RSS reader this review at Pocketables.


This review is one of the most detailed that I have read about the Vega. And the author is right in many of the things he said.

The external design does not bother to me too much. Sony old U serie had a worse design for me.

There are few thing that bother me about this device:

1- No WiFi no BT
2- XP instead of Tablet PC Edition
3- Small screen size.

I do consider an external keyboard in these devices (Vega) as useless as the on screen keyboard. In my comment at Pocketables I asked the author to check how many WPM he can do in a UX180P and compare that to how many WPM he can make in a regular size keyboard. Dividing the number he gets in his UX180P by the number he gets in a regular keyboard and that's what I call Speed Coefficient. I'm sure that the speed coefficient in an UX180P is not bigger than 0.40


  1. Thanks for the link, CTitanic. You're right about my speed coefficient, too. It's 0.37 - not very good at all, but still better than the Vega's on-screen keyboard.

    Oh, and I'm a "she" (not a "he"). I'm outnumbered in the tech world, I know, so I think a lot of people just automatically assume I'm a guy. No worries :)

  2. Sorry Jenn! I apologize for my confusion.

    I liked your review! I could not have written it better.


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