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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Master Degree Using An Asus R2H

This are the kind of news that I like to read. Browsing todoUMPC's forum I found about this person in the above picture. This person got a Master Degree in History using the Asus R2H to Webcast her Master Degree Defense. She was webcasting to two different European Universities at the same time! The laptop on the table was a backup just in case the Asus failed, but they did not need, the Asus R2H worked perfectly.

todoUMPC is an online community in Spain all about UMPCs. This page is sponsored by FarAndSoft, a company that makes OrdersCE - a marketing control software for Pocket PCs. They have started this new adventure with a healthy forum and a small online store with the best UMPC prices in Europe!


  1. Thanks, Frank! I am very proud of being part of this project!
    I want to thank also the guys of FarAndSoft for their care of me: they knew that I was very interested to perform the webcast with an UMPC and as soon as they received mine i was called.
    Of course, this is Marimont writing!

  2. But you still have another project going on! Please send us those promised pictures!


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