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Monday, December 04, 2006

3 cells & 9 cells Mugen Power Batteries for Q1

Unifirm is releasing two batteries for Samsung Q1: the 2600 mAh (3 cells) battery and the 7800 mAh (9 cells) battery. The 3 cell battery is the same size than the one that comes with new Q1s. Unifirm did a good job cloning this battery.




The above pictures show the original and Unifirm's Battery. As you can see it's very hard to say what's Samsung's. From the point of view of Battery life you wont see any big difference in this battery or at least I have not noticed any in the few hours that I have been using this battery.

The following pictures show the 9 cells Battery.





As you can see Unifirm included a Battery Level Meter like the one included in the original battery.



The 9 cell battery is heavy but the Q1 has the advantage over the eo v7110 of having the battery in the lower side so it's more comfortable to handle this than the eo where all the weight is located in the top. The quality on this one is as good as in the 3 cell battery and I really would recommend it to anybody that needs the maximum of battery life for his daily work with the Q1.

Unfortunately I wont be able to report what's the Battery Life on this one because the one I got was DOA. But it seems to me that it should be very close to 6 hours.

You can see more pictures of these batteries here.


  1. Where and When can we expect to purchase the new Q1 battery?

  2. where: http://www.lionbattery.com/
    When: Soon, very soon.

  3. did you ever test the life of one of these batteries?

  4. These were pre production units and they were not working.


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