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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


When the time to write the story of UMPCs comes Hugo Ortega will have a place in that book. His videos about why he selected the Samsung Q1 as his primary and main machine are just a classic. Modern Don QuijoteYou wont find anything closer to the image of a modern Don Quixote than the photo of him holding his Samsung Organizer in his visit to the far land of China.

For me it was a logical move when Hugo switched his eo v7110 for the Samsung Q1, for a powerful user a powerful machine. And if that was understandable, I'm having a really hard time trying to comprehend why he changed his Q1 for a OQO 02.

No, I have not used a OQO 02 but that does not change anything.
You are right there is not way to compare both devices, this is why I asked Hugo what made him to change the full size keyboard of the Q1 that allowed him to post from anywhere at a higher speed  for that small OQO keyboard where you can't type more than 30 wpm, the comfortable 7" touch screen where you can type using anything including fingers for that small size digitizer where you need to carry a special pen. A lot faster and powerful processor for a very hot and slow VIA. A machine using Vista for a machine using XP knowing that Vista recognition is better.

I would like him to explain with his magic, why he is using now the OQO?


  • VIA Processor is slower than a Celeron processor.
  • VIA devices run a a higher temperature than Samsung Q1s.(°)
  • OQO 02 is noisy compare to a Q1, the noise is produced by the processor fan, the same noise can be found in Amtek T700 and T770.(°)
  • The integrated keyboard is slower than the full size keyboard included in the Samsung organizer.
  • The OQO 02 does not include a digital pen and even if it is included there is not any bay or pen holder in the machine body to keep the pen. The digital pen needs to be carried as a separated item.
  • Vista Recognizer is a lot better than XP recognizer.Hugo's OQO uses XP Tablet PC 2005 Edition.

(°)- Your can read about OQO noise, high temperature and absence of a pen holder here. I'm using this review as reference because it was written by somebody who loves his OQO, no by one of those "specialized magazine tech writers".

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