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Friday, June 08, 2007

Now this little guy is satisfied for real

Have I ever said that I was born in a city by the see where mostly half of people make a living from the see and the other half maintaining the first  half? So putting everything in a fishermen language, the fish could not resist my bait. So now I (this little guy Wink) got what I wanted a full video/explanation of why Hugo downgraded to an OQO 02:

If UberTablet were a family I guess Frank Garcia (Ctitanic) would sure be part of it. He recently picked on me for downgrading from a perfectly good Samsung Q1P to the OQO model 02. In my defense I posted some thoughts yesterday and I seemed to have pleased the little guy with my response. Having said that I believe my job as head of the family remains unaccomplished until the entire family is debriefed and up to speed with Frank and me.

Why_the_OQO_HugoHugo is a seller by nature, so if anyone could convince me that the OQO 02 is a better choice that's him. After viewing Hugo's video the only thing that I can say is: What is good for some people could be not the best thing for you. Always remember that when you are buying anything. I enumerated clearly the reasons why I would no go for a OQO 02. I have a VIA UMPC, I have tested another one and I'm convinced that VIA Processors are just not for me. I need more performance for what I'm doing. So even if I would not have to pay for it I would not use the OQO 02 as my main machine.

There are two things that I did not mentioned in my list of facts was the screen size. Even if I wanted to go with a smaller than 7 inches screen I do not think that due to my myopia that would have worked. I use contact lenses to correct my far vision so I can not read very small letters. And this is why I always advice people thinking about to buy a 5 inches UMPC to test it before they pay for it. To check if they feel good with that screen size.  The Second thing is that I never use a keyboard in my Q1. Unless I have to write very very long articles. And that happens not that often and for that I have a BT Stowaway Keyboard. So not being a keyboard kind of guy to me the OQO does not represent any advantage because like the same Hugo says, if he has to write a long article he connects the OQO to a keyboard.

Anyway... I would like to thank Hugo for biting the bait and releasing this incomparable video explanation. Bravo Hugo! Thumbs-up

Again, the bottom line is just one. Reviews are good, but always remember one thing and this is the main reason why I avoid to answer questions asking me what is the best UMPC to buy:

What is good for one person could be the worse thing for other.


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