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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Origami Team is gone!

Good Luck Origami Team in your new project. In reality, you are the first Victim of Vista. You did a good job with Origami Experience but having Media Center in Vista Ultimate more or less you can do almost the same than what OE brings to users. The rest of features included in OE are not "must have". They were there in the old version of the Touch Pack and many of us never used. Sorry but this is the reality. Cruel.

Microsoft does not need your team to evangelize the world about what is a UMPC and what are the advantage of it. That's the second point. Bloggers are doing that already and... for free! This is the reality... Cruel.

The good point is that you still at Microsoft and you have now a new project, probably as good or interesting as the Origami Project was at the beginning. So I which you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Without your team opening the eyes of the world we would have been in the same place where Sony was with it's U series 2 years ago. Your team has opened a space in the market right between Pocket PCs and sub notebooks that was not there and everybody want it there. Bravo Origami Team!

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